Sunday, May 4, 2014

Super Saturday

I jumped out of bed with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning. Not only was it the first day of Collingswood  Farmers' Market, it was also Free Comic Book Day.

I arrived at the Farmer's Market bright and early. 
 Since it's still early in the growing season there wasn't a lot of produce yet,

but there were plenty of plants for building the perfect garden.
I've purchased some great vegetable plants from this farm

I was excited to see all of my Farmers' Market favorites.
My absolute favorite yogurt and mozzarella 

Roasted Asparagus quesadilla from Tortilla Press  

Iced Coffee from The Treehouse
There was a family walking behind me as I was leaving. The mom said,
"Who's ready to go to the beach?"
Ordinarily I would have wanted to say,
"I am," but today they could go to the beach because I was headed to All Things Fun for Free Comic Book Day! 

All Things Fun had some serious security, and it was jumping.

There was a fantastic selection of free comics this year.

I knew right away that I wanted Avatar and Hello Kitty (with special Bravest Warriors art work), but I had a difficult time choosing between Duck Tales and the Kaboom with Adventure Time and Regular Show.

Mordecai and Rigby won.
There was also a comic book signing going on. I got a signed copy of Wonderland Asylum.
Of course it wouldn't be All Things Fun without a little extra fun.
Thank heaven for little girls who love Superheros

and big girls too
After making a few extra on sale purchases, I hauled my loot to the car.

I made plans to meet up with a friend for dinner later, so I had a few hours to kill. 

Oh look. There happens to be a comic book store near where we are meeting for dinner.

I wasn't sure if there were any particular rules for Free Comic Book Day or any special etiquette, and I wondered if it was somehow cheating going to a second store, but I was hoping that The Comic Book Store in Glassboro had some copies of Duck Tales left.  

The Comic Book Store was also jumping, and they did have my copy of Duck Tales. I also picked up a few extras.

I ended up making up my own etiquette, figuring that as long I made purchases 
at the stores, it was okay to collect a few more free comics.

Haul #2 
It was a Super Saturday. I'm looking forward to a wonderful Farmers' Market season, and I am already working out my schedule for Free Comic Book day next year (All Things Fun, The Comic Book Store and must hit Level Up for diorama fun).

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