Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chase Utley watches me eat gravy fries

With a parking ticket thankfully avoided even though we were about a half- hour late getting back to our car, we decided to grab a bite to eat.

Though we haven't watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia in probably more than a year (some of the cast members own the bar), we still wanted to check out Mac's Tavern. Now seemed as good a time as any.

If you want to go out for a romantic evening or catch up with old friends, I wouldn't recommend Mac's. It is a loud, boisterous place that requires you to wear your voice thin in order to be heard by your dinning companions.

It is also fairly small, and although we easily found a table, by the time we left, there was not an empty spot to be found.
This March I am learning that some people celebrate St. Patrick's Day all month.

I enjoyed my seat as it directly faced a picture of a smiling Chase Utley. It was a little weird though because it was also kind of like Chase Utley was staring, watching me as I stuffed my face with Mac's gravy fries.

We ordered the gravy fries as an appetizer.

We were brought a plate of thick cut fries covered in gravy, short ribs, melted mozzarella cheese, with a dollop of horseradish on top.  They were yummy (though not quite as yummy as Village Whiskey's short rib cheese fries).

For my entree, I got the fish tacos,

and my husband got the kielbasa sandwich.

Both entrees were delicious. I usually get worried when I order anything breaded because I don't like when the coating is too greasy and/or too thick.Thankfully the tilapia for my fish tacos was just right. Enough to give it flavor, but thin enough so that the tasty flaky fish was what stood out.  I especially liked the aioli that came with my fish tacos, and the dipping sauce was that came with my husband's fries. If you're in Olde City and looking for a bar to hang out at that has excellent, better than usual bar food, Mac's is a good option.

The post dinner weather was still fabulous (well compared to the weather we have been having), so before we ended our evening we decided to take a stroll.

"Oh look we just happened to walk by Franklin Fountain. I guess we could stop in for ice cream."

I wonder how much old-timey dressed soda jerks make?  Do you get great benefits and a retirement package?

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