Friday, June 21, 2013

Nightmares officially haunted

We are ice cream snobs, meaning that we prefer homemade ice cream from small mom and pop shops over the kind found in the freezer of a grocery store (not that there's anything wrong with that). We have three current ice cream haunts
-Springer's- Stone Harbor, NJ (they really are the best and the only place I know to have peanut butter Oreo ice cream)
-Franklin Fountain- Olde City, Philadelphia (because who doesn't like ice cream served by a guy with a bow tie and a curly mustache)
-Sundaes-Berlin, NJ (it is oh so conveniently located next to our favorite store All Things Fun!)
We are always on the lookout for a new delightful creamy addition to our list and when I saw that there was a homemade ice cream shop in Fishtown I  knew we had to check it out.
Little Baby’s Ice cream is connected to a pizza shop called Pizza Brain that boasts the nation’s first pizza museum. 

Their pizzas looked good and had some interesting toppings so we will have to make a return trip at some point. Equally interesting were the ice cream flavors Little Baby’s offered.  We were treated to free samples as soon as we entered the shop. 
After sampling four of the flavors I settled on one scoop of Balsamic Banana and one scoop of Coffee Toffee.  My husband had one scoop of Birch Beer Vanilla.  All of the flavors were tasty but I especially liked the Balsamic Banana.  As samples we also tried the Red Bean Rice Krispy and the Bourbon flavor.  I'm not sure if you can get drunk from eating ice cream, but it wouldn't surprise me if you ate a scoop of Little Baby's Bourbon flavor.
After  ice cream we found that our legs were still thirsting for a stroll so we drove over to Northern Liberties and stumbled upon their weekly  flea market that sets up in the Piazza every Sunday.
The flea market prompted us to have a conversation concerning what the difference is between vintage items and junk found in your Grandfather's basement or attic.  To be honest I really can't explain it using words.  I could look at something and tell you that it is vintage ( as opposed to junk and that's mostly based on pinterest and stuff I read on blogs) but I couldn't tell you why.
There were some interesting things at the flea market.  Here is something new to haunt my nightmares thanks to Dr. Who and my already established fear of clowns.
There were a lot of things that I wanted to purchase
but I couldn't build a solid enough case for why I had to have them nor could I identify an exact place in our house for them to go so I left with my arms empty.
It ended up being a great day, we devoured meat, ate ice cream and walked about at a flea market.  Days like that are ones that make me glad that I live so close to a city.
All along the sidewalks in Fishtown there were trash cans painted to look like monsters.  I guessed that they were created to encourage residents to throw away their trash in the proper place.  I didn't mind them but my husband found them disturbing. He thought that this one looked like "Grimace gone bad."

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