Monday, December 31, 2012

No Resolution

I finally got my present for winning Novel Writing Month.  I really wanted a Wesley Crushers t-shirt.

I have never liked making resolutions, but as I planner I do enjoy setting practical goals for the New Year.  For 2012 my goal was simple-

Have surgery and feel better.

I am happy to say that the goal was achieved.  I had my surgery in August of 2012 and now that I no longer have an ovary and tube wrapped around my intestine I feel much better and I am no longer having terrible bouts of stomach issues. 

For 2013 I decided to set several fun goals.

-Complete the second draft of my 2009 Nano novel The Dream Artist- Starting this year I will be participating in a Writers of YA/middle grade fiction critique group so they will be keeping me accountable and ensuring that I complete this goal.

-Continue to Practice Knitting- I am hoping that practice makes perfect because thus far I am a pretty terrible knitter.

-Get Canning- One of my Christmas gifts was a book on small batch canning (Food in Jars) and I am looking forward to preserving some yummy things.

-Make Mozzarella Cheese- I have already successfully made my own ricotta cheese (super easy) and now I’d like to move on to something a smidge more challenging so I am going to attempt homemade mozzarella.

-Feed my new Dr. Who obsession- I only started getting into The Doctor starting with the 11th/current Doctor (season 5).  I plan on spending time going back and watching the seasons containing the 9th and 10th Doctors this year.  It is a truly awesome show if you are nerdy, geeky, creative, or a lover of witty British things I highly recommend Dr. Who (on BBC America).

As you can see I didn’t make any goals regarding adopting because since we are still unsure how that is going to go I hold that goal lightly and feel that I am more open to whatever God wants to do in our lives whether it involves us being parents or not.  I did give my rheumatologist the information on writing my medical letter.  My doctor seemed quite enthusiastic about completing it but I think with all of the holiday stuff and end of the year stuff it may have gotten put aside.  I am hoping that a friendly and pleasant reminding phone call at the end of this week will cause the letter to be ready for pick up by the end of next week.

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