Thursday, September 6, 2012

In which I've watched too much Investigation Discovery

I’m not sure why but when I feel really bad I like to watch “murder shows” so for the first week and a half that I have been home I have been watching a lot of Investigation Discovery.  I think the reasons are threefold.  First, no matter how bad I feel at least I’m not being murdered, second I get so absorbed in the who done it, how did it happen and how was it figured out that I forget that I feel bad, and third, they tend to be very monotone so they are easy to fall asleep to.  The problem is that after so many shows about seemingly normal people who commit murder I become paranoid that everyone might want to do me in.  Case in point…

I ran out to my car this week to grab the emergency decongestant that I keep in my console; while I was out there I noticed that one of my tires was flat.  Since my husband has been busy this week with a lot of after work things and since I’m not going anywhere he figured that he would worry about it this weekend.

Today I was sitting on the sofa watching Craft Wars to see what it was all about when I heard a knock at the door.  Thinking that it could possibly be someone dropping off food or a flower delivery I cautiously opened the door.  It turned out to be one of our neighbors.  He said he noticed my tire was flat and wanted to change it for me since he was home today.  He promised he didn’t want any money or compensation or anything like that he just wanted to be a nice neighbor.  I must admit that I wasn’t thrilled about having to stand out in the parking lot in my bathrobe with my hair all crazy but he seemed like he really wanted to change the tire.  Then I started thinking that this is how it all starts.  Maybe he wanted to see if I was home all by myself; maybe he’s going to knock me out with my tire iron (actually I don’t have one my car has a little special tool) maybe he was going to stuff me in my trunk and drive me away in my own car (kind of hard to do when the mail man is right there stuffing mail boxes and kids newly home after school are riding their bikes around).  I was on my guard the whole time looking out for any signs that murder might be on the agenda, but in the end it seemed that the neighbor was sincerely attempting to be helpful.  It also seemed like maybe it was all meant to be because it so happened that this neighbor had a particular challenge that I know a bit about and I was able to offer some helpful information and encouragement, so maybe in the end my flat tire was more divine intervention and less a chance for someone hotter and more attractive to play me in an awesome reenactment featured on Blood, Lies and Alibis. 

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