Saturday, January 25, 2014

The month of laze

I am sitting this very moment at my desk, watching the snow fall in my back yard. It is slow, calming, and peaceful.


This past November and December left me feeling tired and thinned.  Instead of sprinting into January with a head and heart filled with goals and ambitions, I sort of fumbled into it head over heels, worn out and with a heart filled with lead and a head filled with mush.  I needed to rest. I needed to not be busy with a schedule jammed packed with things to do.  I needed to be lazy.
And so I have. 

I spent January mooning over Spike and laughing at his antics (Buffy watching).  I spent January making new friends whose schools and town halls I can vandalize (Simpson’s Tapped Out). I snuggled up on the sofa at night with my love and debated over who had the worst wardrobe, Wesley Crusher or Jake Sisko (Star Trek DS9 watching). I cheered when Sherlock put on his cap. I read a book where I traveled with a dwarf (Watersmeet), perused through my Johnny’s seed catalog, and fangirled on Pinterest.  I went less places and I ignored the small nagging voice that asked,

“Shouldn’t you be sending out your picture book manuscript to publishers? Shouldn’t you be editing your novel? Shouldn’t you be going to that meeting or volunteering for that thing?”

“No,” I answered. “No I should not. I need time to recharge my batteries, to rest, it will all be there waiting for me the next day, the next week, the next month.” 

I have greatly enjoyed having a lazy January. I have enjoyed it so much that I think I will slowly ease my way into February and see how it goes. I will remind myself more that I don’t have to do everything all at once and that a firm no is better than a half-hearted yes and thanks to Krista M.  I think I too will aspire this year to try to do less and take care of and be kind to myself more.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Once again we mark my birthday...with cheese

I am not sure why, but I haven’t been all that into the whole birthday thing this year.  I think it may just be that the holidays were super busy and I am just starting to wind down and I did not want to heap busy on top of busy. Still, it seemed like I should do something to mark the occasion, so this past Sunday, we celebrated the end of my 35dom with brunch.

Who doesn’t love brunch? (I am sure that there is at least one person reading this who is thinking, “Me, I’m that person. I hate brunch.)  You get maximum variety.  You can have something sweet or something salty or maybe a little bit of both.  There are lots of places in Philly to have brunch; we decided to brunch at Sabrina’s Café.


There are three Sabrina’s locations in Philadelphia.  We chose the location in the Italian Market.  They don’t take reservations, but you can call ahead, so we were smart and did that.  When you first arrive there is a separate from the restaurant pretty cool waiting area, or holding pen, whichever you prefer.  It had great atmosphere and you got to sit on refurbished church pews.

 After a pleasant wait in the waiting lounge, our name was called, and we were told to go next door to the café.  Sabrina’s was adorable.  There were vintage tiles on the walls, beautiful crown molding around the ceiling, and fun chalkboard art on the walls.

There was a wide variety of things to choose from on the menu, but being more of a savory than sweet person I went with the Mexi Special. 
To be honest I could not completely identify everything that was inside but I at least know it had scrambled eggs, peppers, onions and cheese wrapped in a corn pancakes of sorts and topped with black beans and line sour cream.  It was yummy, and quite filling. I had to take half of it home.
My husband went with the sweet option and had the Nutella stuffed French toast.
I think the only down side to the café is that it is very small and there aren’t a lot of tables, so you don’t feel like you can linger and chat over coffee because there are people waiting for tables who can look at you through the window like Tiny Tim staring at the prize winning turkey in the butcher shop window. 
 Because we didn’t have enough food, we decided to take a stroll around The Italian Market.

Of course it wouldn't be a birthday adventure without the purchase of cheese.
We then made our way to IKEA to walk around and to pick up Norden.
This is Norden (he's a table).  Norden is helping this year's war on the lack of storage in our home, but that is for different blog post. 
 I also love this Cheese